52. seminar A.C. TISA in Novi Sad

Grading: 1 kyu: Jovana Rikić, Mihajlo Milutinović, Vladimir Ljeljak, Željko Vujanov, Vuk Karadžin..... 2 kyu: Nenad Lančuški, Marija Manojlović, Nikola Manojlović..... 4 kyu: Boška Topalov...... 5 kyu: Lenka Šarac, Bojan Stevanov, Maja Stevanov, Danijela Rauški...... 6 kyu: Milica Despotov, Aleksa Nikočev, Mihailo Trifunov, Nemanja Savić....... CONGRATULATIONS..... Of course, special congrats are in order to our new black belt.... mister Ivan Legac.....

Children aikido seminar, June 2019. in Zrenjanin

Cheerful atmosphere, good energy and lots of fun.....

53. seminar A.C. TISA in Zrenjanin

Not even blizzard or traffic collapse could not prevent most persistent aikidokas from attending 53rd traditional A.C. "Tisa" seminar. Aikidokas from Zrenjanin were eager to learn something new and share already learned with colleagues from Novi Sad, decimated by weather conditions and few guests from Belgrade. They proved to be good hosts, either on mats, or with hospitality and socializing after the seminar. Congratulations to grading participants on level of knowledge shown.!!!!!!!!!

Children aikido seminar, December 2018. in Zrenjanin

New seminar and kyu grading for young aikidokas, A.C. "Tisa" Zrenjanin. Promoted: 1. Viktor Nikolić (white belt), 2. Nađa Mihić (white belt), 3. Nemanja Savić (white belt), 4.Vidak Krnetić (white belt), 5. Dina Kuzmanović (white belt), 6.Strahinja Zubac (white belt), 7. Marjan Prvin (yellow belt), 8. Dina Kuzmanović (yellow belt), 9. Nemanja Savić (yellow belt), 10. Marko Kovačević (orange belt), 11. Andrej Markov (orange belt), 12. Nikola Marinkov (orange belt), 13. Dina Kuzmanović (orange belt), 14. Mihajlo Trifunov (blue belt), 15. Mihajlo Trifunov (brown belt) A.C. "Tisa" Žabalj, promoted: 1. Vukašin Prodana (white belt), 2. Miloš Plačkić (white belt), 3. Milica Petrović (white belt), 4. Lazar Plačkić (white belt), 5. Anđela Vučić (white belt), 6. Dušan Plačkić (white belt), 7. Vuk Jurišin (white belt), 8. Olivera Vučić (white belt), 9. Mihajlo Petrović (white belt)..... Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

Aikido club "Tisa" in Žabalj


Aikido club "Tisa" is opening a new training dojo in Žabalj, located at elementary school "Miloš Crnjanski".

52. seminar A.C. TISA in Novi Sad

On June 30, 2018. aikido club Tisa held the 52. seminar in Novi Sad. Seminar was conducted by Zoran Mićić 5 Dan aikikai Hombu - Kobayashi Dojo and Aleksandra Šutović 5 Dan Aikikai Hombu Dojo - Aikido Association of Serbia. We would like to thank the numerous guests who took part in the seminar on an unselfish exchange of knowledge and a wonderful gathering, as always. Seminar included kyu grading tests with 25 participants, followed by Dan grading tests with 6 participants: Marko Mirčetić, Savica Mirčetić, Jovanović Dušan and Tomić Aljoša earned their black belts 1. Dan, also Bečkei Zoltan and Stefanov Aleksandar earned their 2. Dan. We would like to congratulate all participants and to wish everyone much success in future work and training.

Children aikido seminar, June 2018. in Zrenjanin

On 16.06.2018. another seminar for children was held in aikido club Tisa dojo in Zrenjanin with successful kyu grading tests. Seniors cooperated with children in learning new techniques..... :)

Hiroaki Kobayashi and Urban Aldenklint in Belgrade

Aikido club "Tisa" participated in seminar which was lead by two great black belts - Hiroaki Kobayashi(7. Dan) and Urban Aldenklint(7. Dan).

Celebration of the 22nd anniversary of the club and Sensei promotion to 5. Dan

Aikido Club Tisa has reached the age of 22! Along with birthday celebration, we also celebrated the promotion of Sensei Aleksandra Šutović to Godan (5 DAN)

51. seminar A.C. TISA in Zrenjanin

On January 27th, aikido club Tisa held the 51. seminar. In a pleasant atmosphere, aikidokas from Zrenjanin, Novi Sad, Belgrade and guests from the Republika Srpska enjoyed joint training and knowledge exchange. We thank Mladen Lazić for his efforts to cross the four rivers to reach Zrenjanin and share the energy of the Aikido club Šihan from Zvornik with us. :) Congratulations to aikidokas on their new belts!
Kagami biraki, Hombu Dojo 2018.


At the traditional Japanese ceremony Kagami-Biraki in Hombu dojo, 941 new promotes were awarded. Among them is our Sensei, Aleksandra Šutović, who was promoted to Godan(5 DAN). Among new promotions, the following aikidokas from Serbia were also promoted: Velibor Vesović (7 DAN), Zoran Mićić(5 DAN), Radojica Mirković(5 DAN), Nebojša Janković(5 DAN), Igor Strahinjić(5 DAN) i Mire Zloh(5 DAN). Congratulations to all hardworking aikidokas from the list of promotees.

Children aikido seminar, December 2017. in Zrenjanin

On 23th December, a seminar for children was held in aikido club Tisa dojo in Zrenjanin. In a pleasant  atmosphere, dedicated children practiced seriously and fully comitted with older aikidokas. Kyu grading  followed, where the youngsters who came out became the owners of their new belts.


raditional November seminar with Michele Quaranta


11-12.11.2017. Aikido Association of Serbia held a seminar in Belgrade, where aikido club Tisa actively  participated. The seminar was led by Michele Quaranta (6 Dan Shihan), and the guest of the seminar was  Bulgarian aikido master Ed Germanov (6 Dan). The seminar was intense with a large number of techniques  shown. About 70 aikidokas from various clubs participated.


international seminar of aikido club "Mladost", Pančevo

On November 9th, aikido club "Mladost" from Pančevo hosted their first international seminar held by Urban  Aldenklint (7 Dan Shihan) from Sweden. Aikido club Tisa participated in this seminar. We would like to thank  Božidar Petrović, coach of aikido club "Mladost" on impeccable organization and wonderful gathering.

50th aikido seminar, july 2017. in Novi Sad

01.07.2017. in Novi Sad, AC Tisa held its 50th club seminar in halls of the school "Mihajlo Pupin" on 200m2  dojo, and the theme of the seminar was defense against kicks and control of the attackers using joint locks.  The second part of the seminar was held in the courtyard of the school, where aikido jo was practiced.  Sensei Zoran Mićić explained the practical use of the staff in today's urban conditions. The seminar was  attended by about 80 aikidokas from Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Belgrade, Mladenovac and Zvornik.

AC Tisa is 21 years old !!!

Dear aikidokas! :-) Congratulations on our 21 anniversary of the club! Behind us is a wonderful evening filled with music, dance, smiles and especially socializing with friends. My heart is still flashing (I'm emotional) ............ !!! :-D I wish us lots and lots of beautiful moments and shared memories! Cheeeeeers! Ivana :-D

Aikido seminar,


2017. in Zrenjanin

28.01.2017. AC Tisa held the 49th consecutive club seminar in Zrenjanin. It was attended by about 80 aikidokas from both Zrenjanin and Novi Sad sections of AC Tisa as well as many guests from club "Mladost" from Pančevo (coach Božidar Petrović) and Novi Beograd Belgrade (coach Zoran Mićić). The seminar was led together by Zoran Micic 4. Dan (Aikido Kobayashi Dojo) and Aleksandra Šutović 4. Dan (Aikido Association of Serbia). Between the two training sessions, kyu grading was held where 13 aikidokas improved their status one step closer towards aikido master title. We thank all the participants of the seminar on serious and responsible approach to the techniques that have been exercised, and good energy that was exchanged with members of other clubs. Test subjects - congratulations!!!

Children aikido seminar, December 2016. in Zrenjanin

The way of the little samurai :-) :-) :-)

July aikido seminar 2016. in Novi Sad

Approximately ninety aikidokas from Kruševac, Zaječar, Vrbas, Zvornik, Pančevo, Belgrade, Zrenjanin and Novi Sad gathered in the hall at school Mihajlo Pupin in Novi Sad, at a comfortable 30 degrees temperature, to exercise together and exchange experiences. As always we thank Zoran Mićić and aikido club Novi Beograd, Božidar Petrović (aikido club Mladost Pančevo), Nemanja Popović (Czech Aikido Association) and other coaches of clubs, we are honored by their presence on our seminar.

Aikido demonstration, Cultural Centre in Zrenjanin

On the occasion of 20 years of continuous work and existence, aikido club "Tisa" gave a demonstration of aikido skills for all interested visitors at the Cultural Center in Zrenjanin, on 05.14.2016.

20 years of aikido club TISA

On the day 05.03.2016. - the aikido club "Tisa" celebrated 20 years of continuous work and existence. Seventy members of the club, with a small number of selected guests until the early morning hours enjoying the good music, socializing and exchanging jokes and good energy.

Traditional 47th aikido seminar,



Beautiful seminar. Good energy. Socializing, sharing new techniques and many many smiles ..... Thanks Mića and members of aikido club Novi Beograd, as well as Boža and members of aikido club Mladost Pancevo on showing a great aikido friendship. :)


hildren aikido seminar, December

2015. in Zrenjanin

After successful kyu grading test, here are the names of the new belt owners: Avramov Konstantin (white belt), Golić Andrej (yellow belt), Golić Mateja (yellow belt), Slavković Lazar (yellow belt), Prvin Milan (orange belt), Prvin Ninoslav (orange belt), Pavlović Vanja (orange belt), Gaborov Aleksa (orange belt), Konecky Matej (brown belt) i Simić Sara (6th kyu). CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!

July aikido seminar 2015. in Novi Sad

After five years of work in Novi Sad, aikido club Tisa has for the very first time organized a seminar in the Technical School Mihajlo Pupin in 170m2 dojo. About 70 participants from Zrenjanin, Novi Sad, Belgrade and Pancevo enjoyed a great working atmosphere. Between two training sessions kyu grading was held and 15 aikidokas got new belts (4 brown belt, 3 blue, 2 orange, 3 yellow and 3 white belts). Congrats to test subjects! A big thank you goes to Zoran Micic on the display of interesting techniques and good energy, as well as members of visiting clubs: aikido club Novi Beograd and aikido club Mladost Pancevo.


hildren aikido seminar,

June 2015. in Zrenjanin

Congratulations to test subjects: Grbić Vesna (6 kyu), Koso Mateja (7 kyu), Simić Sara (7 kyu), Bjeloglav Vukman (9 kyu), Konecky Kristian (10 kyu), Konecky Matej (10 kyu), Pavlović Vanja (11 kyu), Prvin Milan (11 kyu), Prvin Ninoslav (11 kyu), Golić Mateja (12 kyu) i Gaborov Aleksa (12 kyu)....... :)

Hiroaki Kobayashi, 7. Dan, May 2015. in Belgrade

Unforgettable experience with Hiroaki Kobayashi Sensei, aikido club members Novi Beograd and all the other guests from our country and abroad. Congratulations to Mića, who organized another in a series of successful seminars. Belgrade, 09.05.2015.

Celebration of the 19th anniversary of the club

Aikido Club Tisa celebrates anniversary - nineteen years of work! Good reason to party and socialization of our hardworking aikidokas.
To all former, current and future members of the Aikido Club "Tisa" We congratulate the 19th anniversary of the club!

Traditional 45th aikido seminar,



17.01.2015. was the day of a traditional 45th seminar in Zrenjanin. We thank all the participants and guests from aikido clubs Novi Beograd, Mladenovac and Dunav, whose presence contributed to the pleasant atmosphere. Congratulations to all graded aikidokas on their new kyus!