Aikido Club Tisa

Aikido Club Tisa was founded 01.02.1996. Since its inception the club was a member of the former Yugoslav Aikido Federation, then Aikido Federation of Serbia and Montenegro, and today Aikido Association of Serbia and thus a member of the International Aikido Federation based in Tokyo. This means that all belts including Dan belts are verified and masters receive diplomas for Dan (black) belts directly from Japan.


For all these years of work, a lot of children and the elderly has passed through the club, but only the most persistent remained. Some have fell in love in this art that they have chosen to open their own clubs and dedicate themselves to coaching and work with children and adults, and some have opted for more dangerous occupations, such as job security of objects and people.
Anyway, it was nice that through training and perseverance they come to know what they want to do in life and acquire enough skills to carry out.

For 21 years of continuous operation, by the number of active members, the club has become one of the biggest clubs in Serbia. Currently represents a center of development of Aikido in Banat and is the second largest club in Vojvodina.

Since its founding team works in two sections: a section for younger involving children from 5-13 years old and an adult section for 13-77 year olds. The club holds trainings in Zrenjanin and Novi Sad.

Head instructor of the club is Aleksandra Šutović (black belt 5. Dan, Hombu dojo)