Aikido - a Japanese martial art of self-defense that does not require great physical strength and it is based on the throws and joint locks. It is very effective, has a large number of lethal techniques and for that reason is not converted into a sport.


At the traditional Japanese ceremony Kagami-Biraki in Hombu dojo, 941 new people were promoted. Among them is our Sensei, Aleksandra

Šutović, who was promoted to Godan(5 DAN). Among new promotions, the following aikidokas from Serbia were also promoted: Velibor Vesović (7 DAN), Zoran Mićić(5 DAN), Radojica Mirković(5 DAN), ...

On January 27th, aikido club Tisa held the 51. seminar. In a pleasant atmosphere, aikidokas from Zrenjanin, Novi Sad, Belgrade and guests from the Republika Srpska enjoyed

joint training and knowledge exchange. We thank



Aikido club "Tisa"

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Aikido Club "Tisa", founded in 1996, is a member of Aikido Association of Serbia, organization that is officially recognized by the "Aikikai Foundation - Aikido World Headquarters" from Japan.